Anticipation…and Festive Glimmers

How about that once-a-week blogging goal? I have been remiss, but…better late than never, I dare say.

I returned from my travels back east on November 2, Day of the Dead and D’s birthday; two weeks up and down the coast that were filled with nostalgic indulgences – sights, sounds, places – and the presence of dearest friends and family. I do believe timing is everything, and this trip was a “god-send” – I escaped, but when I returned I felt – perhaps for the first time since I’ve been on the west coast – at peace, and relieved in some unexpected fashion.

That next morning (after traveling for a good portion of the day), the sun shed a more radiant light on my surroundings than it had in some time, my recently seeded/potted plants were bursting in fresh green, the leaves had come into their full late-autumn glow – the landscape and the hidden possibilities all around seemed kinder, more optimistic, than when I’d left.

The mind works in strange and wonderful ways, and though mine for the most part is good company, I don’t understand half of it much of the time 😉 Perhaps strong doses of connection and love that I smuggled from back east are too blame. Either way, almost a year later (tomorrow marks the official day that Dan and I set off for the land of sunsets in our “new” Subaru, only to be held up for 6 hours in Waltham, thanks to a severed exhaust pipe) Cali and I may be seeing eye to eye for the first time.

And with a new sense of optimism this month also comes a strong dose of…anticipation. As most (if not all) of you know, I’ve been working on my first novel since last January, and though I “finished” a first draft in August, I certainly have created more mess than masterpiece – and I am thick in rewriting and revising. My said goal is a readable draft by end of December – and I’ll stick to that vision for the time being. But since I cannot yet count on my literary ambitions to supply an income (and because that was not my real reason for returning to the land of the written word), I’ve been meeting ends through freelancing for both D’s companies and another client.

I’ll save the long and short details, but I recently had the revelation that I must once again stake out on my own and claim a renewed sense and vision of self (meaning, while I’m forever grateful that D was able to provide working opportunities in the midst of moves and new writing ambitions, tis better to cultivate the loving and working relationships in separate domains).

I won’t launch into tangent land, but I’m in the midst of discerning my strengths and identifying gaps, deciding which skills to pick up and sharpen, and the type of position that will best fit all of my said objectives. Part of that decision is whether I shall continue to cultivate the freelance-supported life (which certainly has its perks and quirks) or to stake out “the right” full-time position (likewise).

I’ll leave that notion where it hangs for the moment, but another transition is a-brewing (but somehow I suspect you’re not surprised…maybe…not? Yes, no, yes?)

…This weekend I also set out to make my Christmas cards. One of my weekly aims has been to take up or complete an artistic project, and I suppose this qualifies.

Enter a caption

I’ve been on a make-use-of-junk-you-have-lying-round kick, and so these cards are a partial reflection of that notion (the pearls are from the original sash on my wedding dress, which turned out to be gaudy rather than demure and was hurriedly disassembled…much better suited to an abstract Xmas tree).



I’m actually quite pleased with the outcome, though they’re a bit on the weighty side – but oh so colorful and textured! Think I’ll have to construct some protective hand-made envelopes to go along.

I’m quite excited to send out such festive cheers from across the land 🙂  Bring on the holiday season, I’m ready in full force this year, making up for last. I haven’t whipped up Thanksgiving in two years (since our last at Bonnet with Jon and Jane – exponentially memorable) and am ecstatic to do so. Last year, the whole drive across country, I had vowed to follow through on preparing all the Thanksgiving fixings. But 2 days into our new place, we settled on store-bough spaghetti and sauce.

…I do love a good mess of supplies and colors…



Still wondering what to do with all these lovely baubles…any ideas? I was thinking fasteners for a series of personalized clutches…



Dan and I also drove all round south of San Francisco today, down the coast (Half Moon Bay) and down into the mountains (La Honda and Woodside) and Redwood City, still staking out our next and (cross your fingers) closer to our future nesting location. Seems that area is on our getting-warmer list. But we shall see…

Fading fast, but wanted to at least say a fair hello (if you’re watching/listening) before I disappear into the as-colorful chaos of what is another week.




Here’s to making something lovely and new out of a mishmash of this and that 😉 A thought I’ll end and grow on this week. Doing any creating/soul searching this week? Would love to hear if you’ve got the time to drop a line!

❤ from me 2 you,



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