Christmas Countdown

Here I am, a month later – miss me? Ha 😉 I’m not sure anyone’s really checking in, but just in case…

Thought I’d share some updates on simple Christmas-countdown moments happening in the Faggella gypsy-wagon-of-a-household.

Other than decorating the one-room nest, making my version of a Christmas tree by stringing greenery across our triangle-shaped bookshelf (I snuck out on the nature trail early in the morning – covert-op – with basket and clippers and came back with strands of green – keeping the forager’s code of course i.e. taking only what was needed and leaving no obvious trace), and getting Christmas parcels out the door on time…I haven’t felt I’ve partaken in many festive activities this holiday season.

Still haven’t met many West-siders, but I blame that on still being rather isolated and working from home/coffee shops; I’ve held onto the philosophy that I don’t want to get too involved until we “settle” on a longer-term place. I’m not sure that’s wise, but we are looking to move into the city – San Francisco – as soon as possible…I’ve never thought of myself as a city girl, though I certainly appreciate the energy; will make for an adaptation of a different color in 2017! More on that potential future later…

…at present, I’ve settled on the simple pleasures of the season. My favorite Christmas movie and perhaps one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time:


Little Women ❤ of the 1994 variety. If you haven’t watched, then I’d hasten to say it’s a must-see, but that’s just me…

…alongside whipping up coveted Gingerbread cookies in various shapes of fancy, smelling up the apartment with ginger, and skinnamon, and nutmeg – oh my!

I don’t think I was a fan of gingerbread as a kid, but let me count the ways. One thing I’m certainly thankful for as I’ve gotten (better) with age is the changing of the palate – what was I ever thinking, not liking peppermint patties, baked beets, butternut squash…and gingerbread? Oh the silly antics of childhood, though I like to think I’ve taken the best of those antics along with me for the ride.


These came out rather lovely, light and fluffy. I used this recipe from Gimme Some Oven, but in my usual health-conscious fashion, I replaced all-purpose flour with wheat flour and flaxseed; I actually think they taste better, but then again I rarely eat the white-flour variety.

I attempted to decorate with royal icing out of a plastic bag, but I clearly never pay attention to history and always forget that such attempts never work for me, turns out looking like a rorschach test – so I went with the abstract spirit.


Maybe one day I’ll get a proper icing decorating kit, but for now – these are doing the trick. They’re Dan’s favorite new breakfast food, and my guess is they won’t be with us much longer, but they’re certainly feeding our spirits!


And Miss Maya reminds me that I should be feeding more than her spirit. She looks patient in this picture, but don’t let her pristine little white paws and demure stare fool you. She’s as noisy and pushy as an old goat, always on feeding time.


But the lights are what really kindles my festive spirit. Pretty little displays, basking in their Christmas glow.


Makes me happy. Brewing up soul magic.


Finding places for cherished cherub faces of my dearest friend from across the land.


Delighting in gold-dipped feather ornaments (a lovely gift from my mother-in-law this past Christmas).


And a reminder that Santa’s watching from his place among the greats!

Staying warm and cozy amongst the safe pleasures and comforts of home, for a little while longer. Looking forward to a quiet Christmas, and a walk through small-town Sonoma with thermoses of mulled wine on the eve before – that’s our planned excitement for the occasion 🙂

We’ll be bundled up like proper Decemberists too. It’s been downright chilly, below freezing on some nights, and rain (thankfully) hasn’t been a stranger. Everything transforms into the most wonderful shade of emerald green, a true sight to behold – that’s an invitation to you to come visit in good company!

Sending all the love and warmth I can muster, even amidst tragedy in farther reaches of the world…

Holding onto that light in the dark, always.




2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown

    1. @LauraFaggella – Miss you all too! Hope there’s all sorts of merriness in the east-coast Faggella household 🙂

      The loose word on the street is that my family may make it up to RI in July/August – we’ll have that celebratory marriage get-together that never came to be, if I have any say!


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