City Lights

While I haven’t been true to visiting with you once a week, once a month I can swing — so here I am, two days away from February but still making the January deadline.

Part of that is on account of our moving to San Francisco the first week in January. We’re rather quick when we make up our minds, and though impulsiveness can sometimes get the better of a person, I’m happy to report that we made the “right” decision—both in terms of moving and place of new residence (email me for addy details if you don’t have our new one already—this one should last for a few years!)


Next to City Hall (gorgeous at night, and during the day come to think), at the tail end of Civic Center (which can be a bit dodgy at 2 a.m. in the morning, but perfectly safe within normal waking hours) and just north of the trendy hood of Hayes Valley (where I found a great new yoga studio, amongst other lovelies.) Come visit!

While there’s much to share about inner and outer happenings, I thought I’d use this post to share images of the nest (work in progress, as always). Starting with the all-important bed. We sold the futon; it was so convenient for our gypsy lifestyle, but I was once again craving mattress love. Maya concurs with this decision 🙂



We invested in a few pieces strictly for this space, which is also a studio, including this bistro set. Not fancy, but does its job!



And my new desk, which was a veritable pain in the rumpus to put together; so much so that I (admittedly) gave up 80 percent of the way through and Dan told me to get in our coveted clawfoot bathtub (100 years old and still has what it takes!) and called in a handy man, who was probably not that much younger—anyhow, it’s serving its purpose for the time being.



With a view of selected artwork…


Dan gave me framed photographs he took while in Brazil a few years back, and the bluebird feather painting was also a gift, alongside some of my pattern plays.



Lucky to have a very sunny studio, where I can continue to grow my jasmine and another white flowering vine (still haven’t figured out the name) indoors—the trellis is also serving as a covert cover-up of the hard-to-hide cat box. Always take the bird paintings with me, which were my great-grandparents’ and reframed by my mum.



Happy plants—looking to adopt a few more, good for the lungs and mood lift on rainy SF days!



Bathroom walls—are you losing interest yet? 😉 Those shelves were also monsters to hang in walls that do not accept screws and nails, but I managed—that is, until the top one fell recently and broke my petite glass bowl. Industrial-strength velcro may be in order, anyone else have another idea?



Another with my semi-precious rock collection 🙂



Love these glass doorknobs—and that bathtub.



And a view of the kitchen (excuse the mess), which is through a separate open door from the main room, a nice change; I’ll be putting up a curtain in the doorway soon to separate, since Dan’s work area is also in an unseen corner of the kitchen next to the window, and he’s known to work late (or early) into the wee hours.

As we all know, phone photos don’t really do a space justice, so—you’ll just have to pay a visit is really what it comes down to 🙂

So much energy, so many new sounds, sights, smells (some more pleasant than others), so many places and so many new stories to tell. All in good time, and I will certainly be back to share those and other more personal happenings.

Oh! I almost forgot the secret garden, which is a central courtyard around which the building was constructed (in 1912, if I’m not mistaken).


On that garden-variety note, I shall bid adieu on this Sunday morn. Off to read a bit of The Writing Life, by Annie Dillard (one of my faves), and no doubt a visit to the coffee shop will be in order for work and pleasure

Dan took me on our monthly surprise date to the Asian History Museum yesterday, which is also right down the street (we’re in the center of the arts and culture hub; our apartment building is across from the Opera Hall). An amazing building and fascinating exhibits, if you’re into that kind of thing, and fitting seeing as yesterday was Chinese New Year (our landlord, Sammy, is not only a character-and-a-half but is actually from Singapore and took off for the homeland until mid-Feb).

We took this shot:


Our hands on top of the Chinese symbol for “100 years good luck in marriage and love”. Sending a bright New Year’s wish to my most beloved women for similar sentiments of blossoming and blooming life and love in 2017—should be a colorful year!


imageedit_11_9353906530 LNDF



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