Limbo Days

I missed my April posting deadline. I was waiting to hear news, any news on the job I’ve held out so much hope in getting (and for which I’ve put in hours of effort).

Not a good thing to get too invested—I think I’ve done a fine job of keeping some distance between my hopes and reality—but I fully believe that you have to really envision what you want, feel what it feels like, to have anything materialize. A dreamer’s paradox, if you will.

Most, but maybe not all of you, know about the now eight interviews (including the five in a row from two weeks ago) that I’ve had with this particular organization.

I’ve also spent multiple days completing two, fairly lengthy performance tasks i.e. a whole slew of content creation tasks, some of which I’d never done before (like writing a video script).

To their credit, they’re certainly doing their due diligence in ensuring they get the right candidate(s) for the job. I’ve had word that I’m still in “high consideration”, but the timeline has been extended out once again (the theme of the process has been slow and drawn out, so this is not a huge surprise).

Anyhow, must continue to sow the seeds. I don’t want to instill doubts, but it’s true that one opportunity can seem so perfect, and if it doesn’t work out the way you envisioned, you end up scratching your head. The universe delivers another puzzle, and only in retrospect—once other opportunities have presented themselves, situations have unfolded—can we understand or make any meaning.

In truth, I know I will be just fine, no matter the decision made on this particular organization’s end. The crystal ball is particularly smoke-filled these days, but it’s certainly not empty.

This was a short post with NO images, so stay tuned! I have another coming round the bend soon.




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