Chinatown Character

Pigeon's Eye View


Taken from the balcony of a “hidden” temple, through an unsuspecting door, up an ordinary stairway, and into a candle-lit and lantern-filled shrine to the ancestors. Details in the architecture make this image.


I caught this intimate moment out of the corner of my eye while walking through Chinatown. The little girl was sharing a small snack with the older gentleman, perhaps her grandfather. Perhaps just an old friend.


I wonder if this man comes often to this same bench…was he born and raised in San Francisco? Has he traveled the world or hardly stepped foot out of the few square blocks that is Chinatown? I leave with many more questions than answers. But one thing’s for sure—he’s got style.



This elderly woman almost seems an anachronism—but that may describe Chinatown as a whole. Perhaps timeless is even better.

Short story—three days later,  I saw this same woman in the exact same outfit walking just so in Lower Nob Hill.

img_6542TO MARKET

A resident of Chinatown carts her goods from Saturday market.

Smokes & FishesSMOKES AND FISH

A resident of San Francisco’s Chinatown. He stepped out of the deli and butcher shop behind me to take a smoke break. I was drawn by his intense gaze, rugged looks, and…bloodied apron. Also—I couldn’t have asked (and didn’t) for a better pose.


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